launchers everywhere

I’m a huge fan of launchers like quicksilver, alfred, spotlight, launchbar, etc. I’ve been using one since I got my first mac. I’m currently using launchbar (which will likely end up being another post). If you’ve ever used one, you know how nice it is to avoid using the mouse occasionally.

While I used various launchers constantly, I had never run into one baked into an application. Enter SublimeText. Wow. The command palette is awesome. No more hunting through menus or trying to remember a few dozen keyboard shortcuts. ⌘-shift-p brings up the command palette. Start typing what you want to do and hit enter.

Rather than hunting through menus or trying to map shortcuts, I just type what I want to do, and most of the time it works. What would be extra neat, is if applications could publish their keywords to a system wide launcher. The system wide launcher would be aware of what has focus and provide access to those keywords.